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Video games aren't just for your brother.

Some Mini-Guidelines:

1.) I created this community so that girl gamers could find each other and talk about gaming with people who take them seriously- not because of some imaginary hatred for the male gender. Some of my favorite people are boys; but any girl gamer will tell you that it's difficult to talk games (I mean *really* talk games) with a guy. It's just a fact of life. We love you, for honest. Try not to feel so threatened, aye? ;)

2.) So far, things have been pretty awesome here as far as avoiding flaming and unnecessary insults and other ridiculous stuff that goes down in some other communities. Let's keep it that way, yes?

3.) DO NOT SPAM MY COMMUNITY. I will send a fleet of flaming sharks to your house to burn you alive while you sleep. Or maybe I'll just delete your entry. Either way, keep an eye out for sharks. That are on fire. If you're confused as to what spamming is, please read the following:

"Spamming an internet forum (in general) is when a user posts something which is off-topic or doesn't contribute anything to current topics. Another form of spamming is when a person repeatedly posts about a certain subject in a manner that is unwanted by (and usually annoying to) the general population of the forum. Advertising on forums where it is not wanted is known as spamming and is generally seen as an annoyance."

4.) You may want to acquaint yourself with the lj-cut, which will help you hide all or part of a very long post behind a link so that it won't dominate others' friend list. It's easy and will make a lot of people happy. You can find lj cut instructions on the livejournal FAQ, at this address:

5.) If you want to advertise an etsy shop or other merchandise here, you can do so ONLY ONCE, and only if it is video game related. Add the tag "shops & selling" to your entry so that it will be accessible to anyone who is interested long after it's posted.

Don't be afraid to say hello when you join!

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